• QRmagicサービス


    QRmagic is bi-layered numerical transfer URL service which can access to go directly to the WEB page meant to be led to without SEO measurement. Mediabridge engages in its system planning, development and sales.

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  • WEBサイト制作

    PC・スマーフォン・タブレット向けの各種ウェブサイト制作をはじめ、SEO・リスティング広告を活用したWEBコンサルティングを行なっております。 ベトナム、フィリピンでの海外WEBサイト制作やBPOにも対応しております。

    Mediabridge provides not only for Website creation service for PC site, smart phone and tablet PC but also providing WEB site consulting service using SEO and listing advertisement. We provide oversea WEB site creation service and BPO service at Viet Nam and Philippine.

  • アプリケーションシステム開発

    JJAVA、PHPを基本としたWEBアプリケーションシステムの開発、スマーフォン向けアプリ開発(iOS、Android)、その他各種システム開発を行なっております。 また、当社はベトナムでの事業展開やオフショア開発に関するコンサルティングにも対応致してます。

    Mediabridge provides WEB application system development, smartphone application development for both iOS and Android and other system developments based on using JAVA and PHP language. Mediabridge also helps business those who would like to expand business to Viet Nam including offshore development.

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  • ネットワーキング統合サービス


    Through over 20 years of the Internet working experience and relationship between ISPs and carriers located at east Asia including Japan and South East Asia area, Mediabridge provides Wi-Fi solution, mobile networking solution, IPTV solution and other various kind of network systems solution in accordance with introducing a lot of real work examples.

  • コールセンターソリューション


    Through long term solution provider experience, Mediabridge provides 7 days 24 hours call center service about the Internet including technical issues with multi-language. Mediabridge also provides call center solution service in Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

  • 人材派遣サービス



    Mediabrige provides business matching service between candidates who want to go Japan and enterprises. We try to contribute for both to make a young engineer’s dream come true who lives in southeast Asia developing countries such as Viet Nam and Philippine and to solve problems for those Japanese companies which have human resource problems because of short of young engineers but think to expand business to Southeast Asia.

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  • アジアビジネスマッチングサービス


    Mediabrige provides business matching service between Japanese companies and Asian companies especially for Viet Nam, Philippine and Korea.

  • エネルギービジネスサービス


    Mediabridge provides saving energy solution system using BEMS and HEMS and those operation and management works in Vietnam and Philippine with our partner companies. We also provides consulting service about smart grid initiative.